Ƶ’s College of Business & Communication will give you the foundational tools and experience to build a fulfilling career for yourself. You will graduate ready to lead others, adapt to changing trends and solve complex issues in whichever field you enter, whether you want to start your own business, serve a nonprofit organization or enter the media industry. With our experienced faculty — many of whom are active leaders in the community —  and career-focused curriculum, you can feel confident that your business or communication degree will prepare you for a successful future. 

A student on-air in Ƶ's WBCX radio station

Why the College of Business & Communication?

  • Small classes gives you the ability to work one-on-one with your professors and learn first-hand how to succeed in your field 
  • Over 20-year legacy of developing online programs that best meet the needs of our changing world 
  • Choose from a large range of programs to find a degree best suited for your career goals 
  • Make critical career connections with faculty who have direct industry experience
  • Receive updated information about potential  in your area of interest
  • Better prepare for your career with ongoing professional development opportunities
Bladimir Rodrigues
I want to start a business in my home country of Panama that opens doors for homeless people. Ƶ is giving me the opportunity to do that.
Sydney Hencil
Within the mass communication program, I was learning how to be on the radio in my first year. Not many people can say that. I just really felt that there were more opportunities here for me at Ƶ in my program and in what I wanted to do, then there would’ve been had I gone to another school.
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Reginald Patterson graduation photo
I feel accomplished and ready for the next chapter to start grad school at Ƶ in January. I felt a lot of support here that allowed me to fulfill my promise to get my degree.
Megan Martin
The ladies in the cohort were from different industries. It was invaluable to hear what other people were going through at the time or what they had been through. Everyone was very honest about their experiences, professionally and personally.

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89.1 WBCX Gainesville — The Voice of Ƶ!

Since its inception in 1977, 89.1 WBCX Gainesville has held the title of “The Voice of Ƶ.” Owned and operated by Ƶ and run by students and community volunteers, 89.1 WBCX is the oldest FM music station licensed and located in Gainesville. This station, which is headquartered in the Jacobs Business & Communication Arts building on the Gainesville historic campus, features pop hits, BBC World News, jazz and special talk programs.

For more information about The Voice of Ƶ, contact Jay Andrews, Ƶ director of broadcasting and digital communication, at 770-538-4709.

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