Ƶ the IIC Symposium

The IIC (Innovation, Inquiry & Creativity) Symposium is a research event featuring undergraduate, graduate, faculty and staff presentations that span disciplines as diverse as fine arts and humanities, education, health, science, business and communication. The symposium will be held in the Ƶ Downtown Center and the Ƶ Renaissance Center in Gainesville, GA. The symposium also will be broadcast live via Zoom. Presentations will be made in person and live via Zoom.

Our New Definition of Research

We continue to embrace the new definition of research established in the 2023 Innovation, Inquiry and Creativity Symposium. Broadly, that definition of research projects is as follows:

  • Projects that involve work with existing research or texts, presenting original analysis, critique, and argumentation
  • Projects that involve critical analysis of the body of scholarship written about a particular subject area
  • Projects that result in original creative expression based on critical analysis and study of existing work
  • Projects that involve systematic collection and analysis of data

Why Change the Name of the Ƶ Research Symposium?

In 2023, the Ƶ Research Symposium Committee made the decision to change the name of the Ƶ Research Symposium to the Innovation, Inquiry and Creativity Symposium. The committee made this decision for a number of reasons, including but not limited to the following:

  • To embrace a definition of research which focuses on innovation and scholarly inquiry
  • To align the symposium more closely with the type of research currently being undertaken at Ƶ
  • To encourage involvement from students, faculty, and staff
  • To emphasize the importance of the creative arts and welcome a larger number of researchers from various departments at Ƶ.