When you live on Ƶ’s Gainesville campus, you’ll live and learn among a diverse group of open-minded and dedicated peers. You’ll study together, make memories outside the classroom and create lifelong friendships. And, before you know it, Ƶ will become your home.

Our team

Ƶ’s Residence Life team nurtures a vibrant learning environment through engaging programming and meaningful activities for students living on the historic campus. Dedicated to the safety and well-being of residents, our Student Services staff and Resident Assistants help ensure building security, uphold the Ƶ Honor Code and enforce university policy while providing support and mentorship in the campus community.


Apply for Housing

Once you have been accepted to Ƶ, make sure to complete the and the .

All regular full-time undergraduate students are required to live in university-provided housing. Exceptions to this rule include those whose legally reside with their parents or legal guardians within a 50-mile radius of Ƶ’s historic Gainesville campus; seniors with 90-plus academic hours completed; students who have reached age 21 as of the drop/add date of the fall semester; and those who are married and/or have dependents.

View more housing-related documents on our Housing Forms page. For any questions about residence life, please visit our university FAQs page.

Where you will live

Live within walking distance from your classes, Ƶ’s dining options and all campus activities by staying in university housing. Ƶ offers university apartments and single-gender residence halls for women, men and non-binary students. Upperclassmen in Greek life can live in one of the sorority houses. Each building has free Wi-fi access.

For details about when to move in, visit our Moving Info page.

Get a feel for dorm life!

New Hall with Raven and Lily

“I would describe our room as Boho-themed with nature vibes. We wanted to create a space that felt cozy and warm like home.” –Raven Winder

4 favorite things about their room:

  • The vines
  • Open common space (we love having our friends over to hang out)
  • Windowsill where we put our plants
  • Nintendo Switch (Mario Kart is the best)

Yonah Hall with Bryson and Joel

“I love how cozy and maximalist my room feels! I feel like there’s a little bit of everything in it, and I love that.” — Bryson Ross

4 favorite things about their room:

  • The headshot wall filled with photos of friends
  • Maximalist vibe
  • How it offers a comfortable space for relaxing with friends
  • Cozy bed

Van Hoose with Michelle and Princess

“I would describe the vibe of our room as chill and calm. We always have our humidifiers on (we love the scent ‘sweet orange,’ btw). We love to keep the window open to let in the natural light. Overall it’s really cool and calming.” –Princess Reed

4 favorite things about their room:

  • How the sink is separate from the bathroom (it’s super convenient when we’re both getting ready)
  • The desk and all its personalized decorations
  • Our view of the tennis courts (we love the sunlight and watching Ƶ’s tennis team play)
  • The large amount of space we have for hanging out

Our Residences

Crudup Hall

Located next to the Owens Center, Crudup Hall houses freshmen female students and offers mostly two-person rooms with a bathroom shared between each two rooms. The residence hall, which is ADA accessible, is connected to Van Hoose Hall through a shared lounge on the first floor. Crudup contains two floors: the first floor with a lounge, laundry facilities and study room; and second floor with a small study room. There’s no elevator in this building.

Van Hoose Hall

Connected behind Crudup hall, Van Hoose offers two-person rooms with every room sharing a bathroom. Students in this residence hall use Crudup’s laundry facilities, computer room and front porch. There’s no elevator in this building.

Virginia Hall

Located in front of Thurmond-McRae Lecture Hall, Virginia Hall offers two-person occupancy with two rooms sharing a bath. The first floor has a lounge with a small kitchen and study area, as well as laundry facilities.

West Hall

West Hall is located on the corner of Academy and Boulevard near the Tea Room. This residence hall offers two-person occupancy with two rooms sharing a bathroom. Students have access to two lounge spaces, laundry facilities and a kitchenette area. There is no elevator in this building.

Guest House

Graduate students can apply to live in single or shared rooms in Guest House, with shared communal spaces including a large living room, kitchenette, multiple bathrooms, and a laundry room.

Sorority houses

Upperclassmen in sororities can live in one of the chapter houses. Ƶ owns and maintains the bedrooms and baths of these homes. The sororities are held responsible for the upkeep of common areas. Custodial staff empty trash and clean common use bathrooms several times a week. Visit the Greek Life page for more information.

New Hall

You guessed it, New Hall is our newest residence hall. This three-story space contains two-person rooms with a private bath and individual heating and air units. Every two rooms share a study space. A lounge is located on the second floor and laundry facilities are on the first floor. This residence hall has one ADA room and an elevator.

Yonah Hall

Located above the Hopkins Dining Hall, Yonah Hall offers two-person rooms along with lounge spaces and laundry facilities.

Wilkes Hall

Located down the hall from Yonah Hall, Wilks Hall also offers two-person rooms along with lounge spaces.

Parklane Apartments

These university-owned apartments are just a short walking distance from the historic Gainesville campus and the city’s downtown restaurants and shops. Each apartment contains a kitchen with appliances, two bedrooms, a living room and a dining/study room. Between 2 and 4 students are assigned to each apartment. Ƶ provides furniture for each apartment, including a twin bed, a dresser, a desk, and a chair for each resident. All additional furniture is the responsibility of the residents. Utilities, local telephone access, Wi-Fi and laundry facilities are included in the housing package.

New students cannot reside in the Parklane Apartments. To qualify for Parklane housing, you must have lived on Ƶ’s historic Gainesville campus for one academic year, be above 21, and have good standing with the university’s judicial board.

Top 10 dorm room essentials

  1. Keurig for your late night/early morning study sessions
  2. Headphones for when you really need to focus
  3. Desk lamp so you can study when your roommate needs some sleep
  4. Decor that makes your room feel like home
  5. A mirror to make sure your fit is🔥
  6. Power strips. Need we say more?
  7. Mini fridge to hold all your chilly snacks
  8. Lots of pillows and blankets, so you can get cozy
  9. Toiletries for all the obvious reasons
  10. Microwave to make all of your cheap ramen, just keep it 600-800 watts.

RA on-call staff

The Resident Assistant on-call staff assist with maintaining building safety and security, lock-outs, individual concerns and after-hour maintenance issues. These RAs begin their weekday shifts at 4:30 p.m., ending at 8:30 a.m. the next day. On weekends, their shift starts at 4:30 p.m. on Friday night, and ends at 8:30 a.m. Monday. You can find the RA on-call phone numbers throughout each residence hall. Three RAs are on-call staffed each night for the entire campus, excluding dates when the university is closed.

For questions about Residence Life, email residencelife@brenau.edu, or call 770-531-3130.