Advance your career, receive direct industry experience and build critical professional connections by pursuing a graduate degree at Ƶ. As a graduate student, you’ll learn in a supportive environment that prioritizes real world applicable skills, serving the community and working in the field. With our 38 master’s degrees and 10 doctoral degrees, you’ll have plenty of options to not only propel yourself ahead in your desired field, but elevate your knowledge, so you can make the greatest impact wherever you go. From here, you can.

All graduate programs are SACSCOC accredited, and most programs have specialized accreditation.

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Rynna Kidd
Ƶ allows me to pursue my dream of achieving an Ed.D while working full time and having a family
Logan Carr
A lot of employers think highly of Ƶ grads, especially with the Occupational Therapy program. Ƶ is a good connection to get a lot of good job opportunities. I think it’s a good way to also network.
Morgan Daniels
Our program guarantees great acquisition of knowledge and clinical skills. But, what makes Ƶ’s PT program a gem, is the life changing relationships and experiences. The program facilitates holistic development of each and every one of us.