Experience why so many people from around the world call Ƶ home. As a student, you’ll flourish in an open-minded environment where we embrace different cultures and backgrounds. With our small class sizes and dedicated faculty, you will freely express yourself, ask questions in class and receive one-on-one support from your professors.

Students arrive from Anhui University

A supportive environment

We understand that moving across the world to an American university is a huge decision. That’s why at Ƶ, you’ll have a strong support system of students, faculty and staff, who want to help you succeed and enjoy your time here. We offer plenty of opportunities for you to engage with domestic and international students and explore your new home.

Ƶ’s Miller Institute for Global Education will make sure that you are set up to succeed, both academically and personally, and Ƶ’s community is here to help. Through our International Friendship Program, we will pair you with a host partner, who will help you adjust to life in the U.S. and show you around the area. Your partner will meet with you once a month for an activity, whether that involves going to a restaurant, exploring the city or traveling to Atlanta for a day trip. Everyone at Ƶ is here to ensure that you have a safe, exciting and enriching college experience.

Education that will last a lifetime

For over 140 years, Ƶ has inspired and educated students, just like you, to become confident leaders who aren’t afraid to challenge themselves and those around them. We offer 38 bachelor’s degrees, 38 master’s degrees and 10 doctoral degrees, so you have plenty of options to pursue your dream career.


International student info sessions

Before you enroll at Ƶ, you can speak with Ƶ’s international students online to better understand what life will be like at Ƶ and ask any questions you have. We also offer monthly online info sessions that cover topics such as receiving a student visa, the application process and budgeting for college. If our sessions don’t fit into your schedule, just let us know, and we’ll work with you to find an alternative.

View our virtual .

Student events on campus

During your time at Ƶ, you’ll have many opportunities to meet other students and learn about life at Ƶ through activities hosted on campus. There’s always some sort of event happening at Ƶ, including theatre and dance performances, cultural festivals, organization fairs and more.

Speak with someone at Ƶ today

Our international admissions staff are here to guide you through your decision and application process. Please reach out to them if you have any questions, concerns or just want to know more about Ƶ!

Ready to apply? Here’s what you need to do:

  • Complete your online application at .
  • Mail or submit your official high school transcript or high school diploma to Ƶ (if you don’t have college credits).
    • Mail documents to:
      Office of Admissions
      500 Washington St SE
      Gainesville, GA 30501
    • Or submit documents via encrypted delivery service (Parchment, Escript, etc.) to: documents@brenau.edu

If you already have college credit obtained outside of the United States, Ƶ requires an official course-by-course foreign transcript evaluation from a accredited organization. You may use any NACES accredited service including SpanTran’s evaluation tool, or International Education Evaluation below for transcript evaluation.


Learn more about using SpanTran in our .

Freshman applicants: If you have completed less than a full academic year of college (45 quarter hours or 30 semester hours), you are considered a freshman applicant, and you must submit official secondary (high school) transcripts translated in English. If you have completed any post-secondary education (college level) coursework outside of the U.S., you must submit an official NACES-accredited course-by-course evaluation.

Transfer applicants attending a college or university outside of the U.S.: If you have completed 30 or more hours of college credit, you must have official transcript evaluations from all colleges and universities attended sent to the Office of Admissions. Credential evaluations of transcripts in languages from countries other than the U.S. must be completed by a professional service, and you will pay the cost of this evaluation. Information regarding these services may be obtained by contacting Admissions.

Transfer applicants attending a U.S. college or university: If you are attending a U.S. college or university, you must have transcripts from all previous institutions sent directly to Admissions. Print out the SEVIS Transfer Verification Form (PDF) and send it to Admissions.

If English is not your native language, you must submit proof of English proficiency. Proficiency in the English language can be proven through submission of a minimum of one of the following:

Undergraduate English Proficiency Requirement Required Minimum
ACT English 19
SAT Verbal 450
SAT Evidence-based Reading and Writing 500
TOEFL Paper-based 497
TOEFL Computer 170
TOEFL Internet 59
Duolingo 85
Grade of “C” or better in EH101 & EH102 from regionally accredited U.S. college or University C (2.0)
Graduate English Proficiency Requirement Required Minimum
ACT English 22
SAT Verbal 510
SAT Evidence-based Reading and Writing 580
TOEFL Paper-based 550
TOEFL Computer 213
TOEFL Internet 79
Duolingo 105
Grade of “C” or better in EH101 & EH102 from regionally accredited U.S. college or University C (2.0)
*Note, select graduate programs may have more stringent English language proficiency requirements.

English language placement: The Ƶ English placement test will be administered to all students admitted on a student visa in order to place students in the appropriate English course. If you have taken the ACT or SAT test, that score will be used to determine English placement.

Credential evaluation: Credential evaluations of transcripts in languages from countries other than the U.S. must be completed by a professional service that you pay for yourself. Evaluations by an outside agency such as World Education Service or Education Credentials Evaluators are required to assure accuracy in determining U.S. equivalents. Information regarding these services may be obtained by contacting Admissions.

Financial requirements: All international students, residential and commuting, must have sufficient funds to pay full university tuition fees, textbooks, living expenses, transportation expenses, health insurance, and other incidental expenses while attending a university in the United States. Documentary evidence of means of financial support must be provided to Ƶ for matriculation purposes and issuance of the Form I-20. This evidence is also required by the United States Embassy or Consulate when applying for a student visa to enter this country. To make tuition payments, visit the International Payments page.

United States Citizen and Immigration Services: It is the student’s responsibility to know and to comply carefully with all non-immigrant visa requirements as stated under the United States laws under Section 101 (a) (15) (F) (I) of the Immigration and Nationality Act.

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