Get a jumpstart on college at no cost by enrolling in Ƶ’s Dual Enrollment program. If you’re an eligible high school or homeschooled student at the high school level, you can earn postsecondary credit hours and simultaneously meet your high school graduation or  home study diploma completion requirements.

If you are a junior or senior in high school, you may, with the approval of your counselor, enroll in a combined number of high school and college courses per semester in Ƶ’s Dual Enrollment program. See eligibility requirements below. 

Dual Enrollment eligibility requirements:

  1. Fill out the Ƶ and have your high school counselor submit an official transcript to documents@brenau.edu
  2. Complete the Dual Enrollment Student Participation Agreement and submit it to your high school or homeschool study program for each school term (semester or quarter).
    • High school and homeschooled students must complete the Dual Enrollment Student Participation Agreement at .
    • For homeschooled students, the parent and counselor portions are completed by their parents.
    • You must submit this form once every year. The form is valid for summer semester, fall semester and spring semester after submitted.
  3. There is no application fee for Dual Enrollment applicants.
  4. Students must be at least 16 years old.
  5. Students must have a minimum class rank of junior.
  6. Official high school transcript must show a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0.

Things to know:

  • Effective fall 2024: Academic Standing Policy, High School Dual Enrollment: Dual Enrollment (DE) students are expected to maintain a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 or higher at all times. Should a DE student’s cumulative GPA fall below 2.0 at the conclusion of a semester, the student will be placed on Academic Dismissal. The student will be given the opportunity to appeal the dismissal by completing the Academic Appeal Form housed on the University’s registrar website. If approved, the student must attain a cumulative 2.0 GPA at the conclusion of their next enrolled semester. If their cumulative GPA is still below 2.0, the student will be dismissed without the ability to return as a DE student. If dismissed as a dual enrollment student, the student can still be considered for admission as a degree-seeking student following high school graduation with an approved academic appeal.
  • Please note: You may be required to take a placement test if you wish to take a math or English course at Ƶ. Contact the Humanities department at humanities@brenau.edu to schedule an English placement test. You can take the Math Placement Exam  and login with your Ƶ credentials. 
  • Students may enroll in up to 12 hours per semester. Dual Enrollment options are available for spring, summer and fall semesters at Ƶ.
  • Courses not on the course listing must be paid for by the student privately at a discounted tuition rate.
  • You can view the for dual enrollment using this hyperlink. 
  • Hours are not counted toward HOPE Scholarship attempted hours limits.
  • Tuition is paid by the state for Dual Enrollment students taking approved courses who have followed all GaFutures requirements.
  • Dual enrollment students are responsible for any lab/course fees associated with a specific course.
  • All male students are required to register with the selective service as soon as they turn 18. Dual enrolled male students who do not register with the selective service will be required to pay the full tuition for the semester in which they turned 18.
  • Books are provided by Ƶ for all approved courses through the Ƶ bookstore. Books must be returned to the university bookstore unless otherwise directed. Books not returned or damaged will be paid for by the student or the student’s official transcripts may be held.

For more information about Dual Enrollment, please contact Lisa Williams at lwilliams31@brenau.edu.

For information on transitioning from the Dual Enrollment program to becoming a freshman at Ƶ, please contact Admissions at 770-534-6100.